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Boat Hull and Deck Repair Work

We are experts in the hull and deck work, offering services for painting and touch ups, surface polishing & waxing, along with deck leak repairs. If you have bent or broken rub rails, we can install, repair or replace them as well.

  • Hull & deck painting
  • Hull and deck polishing/waxing
  • Deck leaks repairs
  • Rub rails repairs & replacement

 It is extremely important to maintain your boat’s hull and deck

You can’t take your boat anywhere in South Florida without getting salt spray from the Bay or the ocean. That is why cleaning your boat after using it is so important to the life of your hull and deck along with most everything else.

Salt has several negative effects. It is corrosive to metals. It is that it is also corrosive to boat finishes including the gel coat.

When salt dries into crystals it becomes abrasive, just like sand. So it will work its way into the tiniest of crevices and can cause damage.

Overall Boat Hull and Deck Care:

  • First spray the entire boat with fresh water. It takes a few minutes for dry salt crystals to dissolve. Spray everything – all hardware, inside and outside the boat. Be sure to spray around all that piping that holds the soft top up, if that’s what you have. If you own a sail boat, try to spray as high up on the mast and rigging as possible.
  • After few minutes, the water dissolves the salt crystals. Now you can rinse everything down thoroughly. Start from the top and rinse down, leaving the hull sides for last.
  • If you have an outboard boat, rinse the engines and the undersides of the mount brackets.
  • For seat cushions, stand them on their edges, zipper side down, and lightly rinse those down. The best way to store them so that they don’t hold water is to stand them up on edge and leave them. This will help the cushion last much longer.
  • Do not use a high pressure nozzle inside the boat, because that high pressure will work water under your hatches. Use a fine spray around all windows and hatches is best. Be sure to get all the salt off like winches, radar scanners and other such expensive components.

Cleaners – Never use strong detergents, especially abrasive, chlorinated cleansers on your boat for general cleaning. Chlorine is corrosive and will permanently stain and or discolor virtually anything that is anodized aluminum, like rub rails, windshields and trim. If you have imbedded dirt, try a stiff brush first. If that doesn’t do it, try a non-chlorinated cleanser, or a specially formulated boat cleaner. Be sure to rinse away all residue, including the places where it runs over the side.

Brushes – As a general boat cleaning brush use one of those imitation lamb’s wool brushes as these are least abrasive on bright finishes.
For tougher areas like non-skid, select a natural, medium stiffness bristle brush. Avoid very stiff bristles as these will scratch. Use the lamb’s wool on any surface that you’d wax; use the bristle brush only on the non-skid surfaces.

Window Tracks – The tracks and aluminum window frames will last a lot longer if you rinse and clean them out occasionally. Clean the accumulated debris and salts out of the track until the track is clean.

When problems arise with your Deck or Hull, contact us – let us professionally handle your boat repairs