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Fiberglass Repair Work

There’s nothing like damaged fiberglass that can ruin the look of your boat, but we specialize in fiberglass repair.

  • Fiberglass repair
  • Fiberglass Extensions
  • We can do any custom fiberglass fabrication.
  • Gelcoat repair

Fiberglass repair
is like an art form and there are many steps in the process to be done correctly – this is a simple overview of the process:

  • Cut Away the Damage – determine the extent of the damage
  • Working from Inside – If the damage is small and above the waterline, make the repair from inside the hull. Also You can back the hole on the outside with a polished surface, creating a mold that allows you to lay-up the repair the same way the boat was built–gelcoat first.
  • Dewax – Before grinding, always wash the area with a dewaxing solvent.
  • Grind – grinding is the key to getting a strong repair
  • Mask and Mold – To prevent any resin runs from adhering, give the exterior surface of the skin around the hole a heavy coat of paste wax. Mask the area below the hole.
  • Fabric – Cut sufficient fiberglass fabric to fit the hole
  • Using Polyester or Vinylester Resin – For above-the-waterline repairs you can use either polyester or vinylester resin.
  • Catalyst – The catalyst for both polyester and vinylester resin is methyl ethyl ketone peroxide, or MEKP.
  • Gelcoat – Gelcoat is essentially pigmented polyester resin.
  • Lay-up – When the gelcoat begins to harden, wet it with polyester resin and lay-up the first two layers of mat and one layer of cloth, compressing them against the gelcoat and working out all voids and bubbles with a resin roller and/or a squeegee.
  • Finish – For a finished look, cut a rectangular piece of mat and one slightly larger of cloth. Apply these over the patch, smoothing them with a squeegee. Seal this top layer with plastic or PVA to allow a full cure.


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