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Our Boat Repair Services:

Boating is way of life for many people, and if you ask any boat owner, they’ll tell you that there is a lot that goes into the boat repair services and the maintenance of a watercraft. We have over 20 years of boat repair services and have the experienced personnel in keeping boats in tip-top shape, and can perform whatever service you require in Dania Beach. Here are a few of the services that we offer.

Boat Bottom Work:

Just because you can’t always see the bottom of your boat, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require critical maintenance and repairs. Whether you have an issue with Gel coat peeling or blisters, barrier coat applications, we can handle the job.

  • Bottom peeling using Gel-plane machine, measuring the moisture inside layers of fiberglass, removing it and sealing the bottom with epoxy
  • Fix blisters using the best materials on the market
  • We can do regular marine maintenance like sanding and applying coats of bottom paint

Running Gear Repairs:

If you need a propeller removed, a Cutlass bearing replaced, or strut and rudder repair, we have years of experience in these types of repairs.

  • Remove shafts-propellers-couplings-rudders-struts, and do the necessary repairs working together with the best prop-shop in the area “Frank’s & Jimmies propellers”
  • Cutlass bearing replacement
  • Replace or service  shaft & rudders shaft seals, like PYY – Tides marine, etc
  • Engine alignment

Fiberglass Work:

There’s nothing like damaged fiberglass that can ruin the look of your boat, but we specialize in fiberglass repair.

  • Fiberglass repair
  • Fiberglass Extensions
  • We can do any custom fiberglass fabrication.
  • Gelcoat repair

Marine Plumbing Services:

If the plumbing goes out of your vessel, it can make for an uncomfortable cruise.

  • Seacocks- thru hulls – hoses replacement
  • Strainers : cleaning – replacement
  • Bilge pump switches replacement

Hull & Deck Work:

We are experts in the hull and deck work, and offer such services as painting and touch ups for your hull and deck. We offer hull and deck painting, polishing & waxing, along with deck leak repairs. If you need to change the name on your vessel, we can do that, and then compound and wax it to make it look shiny and new. We’ll also install, repair or replace your rub rails.

  • Hull & deck painting
  • Hull and deck polishing/waxing
  • Deck leaks repairs
  • Rub rails repairs & replacement


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