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Boat Bottom Work:

Just because you can’t always see the bottom of your boat, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require critical maintenance and repairs. Whether you have an issue with Gel coat peeling or blisters, barrier coat applications, we can handle the job.

  • Bottom peeling using Gel-plane machine, measuring the moisture inside layers of fiberglass, removing it and sealing the bottom with epoxy
  • Fix blisters using the best materials on the market
  • We can do regular marine maintenance like sanding and applying coats of bottom paint

What is Gel coat peeling or blisters?

Blisters are pockets in the laminate filled with chemicals that have been entrapped within the laminate during the curing process. These chemicals become mixed with water over the lifetime of the boat to create an acid mixture. This acid mixture places pressure on the laminate creating a Gelcoat Peeling or a blister.

Will blisters cause a structural problem?

Once Gelcoat peeling or blisters appear on the outside of the hull, the strength of the fiberglass laminate begins to weaken and can be reduced by at least 30%. If left unchecked blistering will continue to further reduce the strength and structural integrity of the hull. The hull will eventually fail. The depth of the blisters almost always exceeds the depth of the gelcoat and exists between layers of the fiberglass laminate, reducing the strength of the laminate.

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